Client Alert: Business E-mail Compromise (BCE)

Over the past few years, there has been an escalating financial cyber threat called Business E-mail Compromise (BCE), often referred to as the “Man in the E-mail Scam”. In essence,...

By Bernkopf Goodman on 11.12.2018
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Law firm can countersue ex-client for abuse of process

Malpractice claim alleged to be ‘ploy’ to avoid fees By: Pat Murphy November 9, 2017 A Boston law firm could pursue an abuse-of-process counterclaim against an ex-client who allegedly brought a legal malpractice claim...

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly By Bernkopf Goodman on 11.09.2017
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Client Alert: McGlynn Wins Large Piercing the Client Veil Case

On October 10, 2017, by the unanimous vote of a three judge panel, the Massachusetts Appeals Court affirmed the judgment of the Superior Court in favor of Peter McGlynn's client,...

By Bernkopf Goodman on 10.10.2017
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Debtor permitted to boost value of PI claim in bankruptcy

Judge rejects trustee’s claim of ‘bad faith’ amendment By: Pat Murphy July 27, 2017 A debtor could increase the value of a pre-petition personal injury claim by $100,000 nearly two years after filing his...

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly By Bernkopf Goodman on 07.27.2017
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Cost of lawyer’s fraud falls on client, not third party

Settlement deal upheld, despite principal’s lack of awareness By: Kris Olson July 20, 2017 When an attorney’s fraud victimizes both a third party and the principal who hired him, the principal must bear the...

Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly By Bernkopf Goodman on 07.20.2017
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